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Our Fleet

Currently, Rocky Point Sailing Association fleet consists of the following boats: 

Optimist - The Optimist is very much like the sabot, at 7.5 feet long, and 77 lbs, it is a very popular boat for the 'smaller' sailors. The optimist has a HUGE worldwide fleet .

There are currently 20 Optimists in the RPSA fleet




420 - The 420 Class is a 14-foot sail training and junior racing dinghy that's become extremely popular all over the world. With the International Sailing Federation moving toward a "standard slate" of junior racing classes for future Youth Wormost national sailing authorities have been favoring the 420 to be the standard youth double-handed racer and trapeze/spinnaker training boat. It is adult a great boat for adults!

There are currently 21 420's in the RPSA fleet.




Laser - The Laser is one of the most popular single handed/single sailed racing dinghies in the world. Known for oustanding performance, the laser is 14 feet long, and weighs about 130 pounds, making it very easy to transport on the roof of most cars. The simple rigging (no stays and sleeved sail) make this a low maintenance, high enjoyment craft.

There are currently 12 Lasers in the RPSA fleet.










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